Today I submitted my visa application for my trip to China!  Now just praying that it will be returned in time!

I am calling this my “Seven Cities Tour“.  I know to many this may seem like a strange itinerary, but it is what I have arrived at after a lot of stress and worry – so please don’t make (too many) negative comments.

I am sad that I have had to miss out at least 3 of the most important places – Chengdu, Xi’an and Hong Kong.  Hopefully, if I get on well this time, I will be able to visit them another time.

I am looking forward to catching up with friends.  I also know I won’t be able to meet up with everyone though; hopefully the ceremonies in Beijing on the first weekend will help with this.  I have been in touch with a number of friends, and expect to contact some more of you in the next couple of weeks.

If you will be in any of these places at these times and would like to meet up, please message me so we can see if it’s possible to arrange something.

  • Thu 25/05 to Wed 31/05 (6 Nights) Beijing
  • Wed 31/05 to Thu 01/06 (1 Night) Zibo
  • Thu 01/06 to Mon 05/06 (4 Nights) Shanghai
  • Mon 05/06 to Fri 09/06 (4 Nights) Hangzhou
  • Fri 09/06 to Mon 12/06 (3 Nights) Xiamen
  • Mon 12/06 to Thu 15/06 (3 Nights) Shenzhen
  • Thu 15/06 to Mon 19/06 (4 Nights) Haikou
  • Mon 19/06 to Wed 21/06 (2 Nights) Beijing

Still lots more to plan and sort out, but at least the stress of the visa application is hopefully over.

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