Emotional Fellowship

Today was another big day.  I had arranged to go to Rebecca’s fellowship – a friend I made at Word Alive back in 2014 – and I had invited Mickey, a friend who studied at Surrey back in 2004.

I met Angela, Leo and Rebecca outside the meeting place.  It was so good to see Rebecca and to meet her husband and baby.  It “happened” to be their baby’s dedication, which I hadn’t known before getting there.  Such a moving experience and privilege to see.


To add to this, Mickey and her family arrived before the meeting was over!  I hadn’t seen her for something like 12 years, so it was an extremely emotional experience.  I couldn’t help weeping a little as the fellowship split into small groups to pray.  I met her husband, Zhenyu, and daughter for the first time.  Joy is the cutest 7 year old.

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