I messed up today rather.  I had on my plan to go to the Summer Palace, but yesterday Leo suggested that “Gong Wang Fu” (高王府, the Emperor’s Palace) might be better, especially since it is nearer the railway station where he needed to go to return to Shanghai.  Without thinking I agreed.  I had forgotten that Mickey wanted to meet me at the Summer Palace and she wanted me to meet her mother (or rather, her mother wanted to meet me again).  It was supposed to be a surprise.  So with all the time wasted trying to sort that out, whether to go here or there, I ended up agreeing to meet Angela and Leo at Gong Wang Fu at around lunch time.  This however did mean that I had the morning free to do a bit of shopping for a few necessities, and to explore the local area on my own.

I wanted some orange juice, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy something translated as “Orangeate” – Haha!


I found a pretty park and saw some dancing and singing.

And lots of willow trees.  Jessica would like it here ;)


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