Surprise Duck

I had met Y at Word Alive in 2014.  She had heard I was coming to China and, somewhat out of the blue, arranged to meet me for dinner along with M.  M studied at the same time as Y in Leicester, and the three of us had gone to Buckingham Palace together in the summer of 2014.

So on returning from the railway station I met M to go to the restaurant together, where we had Peking duck again, because I had told Y that I enjoyed it.  As well as eating 北京烤鸭 (again), I ate something I don’t remember the name of, 包子 and 粽子! I forgot to take a photo, so no one will believe me. 

Y had also invited NX, who used to work for Friends International, so it was good to make a new acquaintance who knows people in common.

After the meal, M and I went back to Y’s home so I could meet her husband and tiny, recently born baby.

I was so happy to meet these two good friends again, and I am grateful for their kindness to me.  It was a lovely way to spend my last evening this time in Beijing.

Y and M: I hope I will be able to see you again soon.

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