Cold Meat and Starbucks

In the evening, AF, JJ and CZT took me for a meal.

20170531_194837It was great to spend time with them and get to know them a bit better, but I confess it was not the best meal I had had.  Some of the dishes we ordered were not at all what we expected, and one of them in particular I found really quite horrible – it was some sort of meat in jelly and was stone cold.

Before taking me back to the hotel, AF showed me his church, sadly closed as it was quite late.

Afterwards I popped into town looking for some 六神花露水 to replace my confiscated deodorant and prepare for my journey into mosquito country.  Apart from some foul smells (that I found out later was probably 臭豆腐, stinky tofu) it was quite nice walking around town seeing the dancing and people on the streets selling all kinds of fruit and food.

I found Starbucks was still open, until 10:30pm, so had my first 星巴克,巧克力星冰乐 since coming to China.  It definitely had a Chinese taste to it; there must be something in the water.  Hopefully they are not all like this.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Shanghai.

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