Slightly Damp

British understatement.  Shenzhen has heavy rain at the moment and getting worse.
It’s “warm” too.

View of the area near my hotel:

I had some time before meeting the others for the meal, so I took a look around the nearby shopping centre before going to the other hotel where Lynn had booked the restaurant.

Ivy and Lynn and her friends Elmer and Lulu came, despite the rain.

We had a nice meal.  So upset with myself.  Stupidly forgot to get a group photo, so these are the best I have – a sneaky shot of Elmer, Lynn and Lulu, and a selfie with Ivy.
(While Pansy has now has long hair, Lynn has gone short!)

Despite the rain I got to Starbucks on the way back to my hotel :)
我第五的巧克力星冰乐。在我的酒店喝。 有台风要来了。

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