Claire had asked to meet up, so in the evening I joined her and Ana for dinner.  It was lovely to catch up with them again (especially Claire, because I had already seen Ana in Beijing :p  ).

We talked for a long while, even after Ana had left for her hour-long journey home, but I can’t really remember what we talked about now, which is sad, because I feel perhaps that means it wasn’t of much importance :'(

When we parted, I headed to the metro thinking I had enough time to catch the last one, but it turned out I was too late – it seems my app had the wrong times.

In the Lord’s providence the hotel in Shenzhen was the first (and only) hotel where I’d picked up a card for the hotel.  It had on it a message in Chinese saying “please take me to… ” and the hotel name.  So I was able to hail a taxi and simply show this card to the driver.  I was so thankful to know that even in these little things He was taking care of me.

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