Splendid China

This morning, another rainy morning, Lulu came to my hotel to wait for the delivery guy to come to package the things I wanted to send home.  This was a great help as not only would I have been charged excess baggage on three flights, I was breaking my back trying to haul 30kgs around, plus my rucksack.  So a huge thanks to Lulu being such a help to send 17Kg back to the UK!

Then Lulu had to go to Hong Kong to sort out some business, so I went to Pizza Hut for lunch and then to “Splendid China” where there are miniature representations of all sorts of landscapes and buildings from around China.

Thankfully the rain stopped soon after I arrived.

It seemed a great place to go if you want a quick overview of the whole country!

I found these two ladies (I guess mother and daughter) playing “Go” (围棋)

And saw this lady performing (something…)

Come to Shenzhen and see all of China!  I only had a couple of hours – it needs a whole day really.

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