Flight Plan

The books say that Shenzhen is a modern but “soulless” or “characterless” city, having grown up very quickly from almost nothing some 30-odd years ago to a major commercial and financial centre.  I can’t really say from my brief visit whether that assessment is correct or not, but it seemed slightly unfair.  In the museum there were some awards for the architecture of some of the buildings in the city.  It does seem there’s not as many options for tourists as in other cities, but my friends who live there seem happy enough.  It was certainly an eventful time there for me, mainly thanks to them.  This afternoon, LLL kindly accompanied me to the airport.

I am not sure I will be able to say the same about Haikou, where I am heading this evening.  I am beginning to feel like going there was a mistake.  I was supposed to be seeing OP, but she has had to go somewhere else to meet another friend.  She has arranged for another Surrey alumnus, OFL, to show me around tomorrow.

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