Summer Palace

KY had contacted me just before my holiday to arrange to meet up in Beijing.  While I was there the first time she was in Bali, but she was free on the 20th during the day.  Because I had to meet others in the evening for dinner and I hadn’t had a plan for what to do in the daytime, this timing of her availability was perfect.  And because I hadn’t been to the Summer Palace (颐和园) previously (due to my mess up with HY) I suggested we go there.  Again, this worked out perfectly.  I took this as the Lord overruling my plans again.  So I spent a magnificent morning and afternoon with my friend.

It was such a hot day that when we arrived at the Palace, after a cold Starbucks, we headed straight to the lake and went on a pedal boat, and pedalled around the island and back.  Great fun!

Then we walked around to the other side of the lake, took another boat back to the island and walked across the bridge.

After a second Starbucks (for lunch!) KY headed to work and I returned to the hotel.  I am so happy to have been able to spend this time with her.  I felt I hadn’t got to know her so well when she was in Guildford.

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