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Carrie’s family picked me up to go to church.  This was an experience in itself.  All the things we hear about China and yet here is a church that bought land from the Government for their building – and it has so many people there!  I would guess it’s comparable to the size of Millmead in seating, possibly more – and it seemed pretty near full capacity. … Read more...


Today Carrie took me to Sheshan hill in the West of Shanghai.

We saw several pagoda type buildings (I am sorry to say I have forgotten the names) and the large church on the top of the hill (“Our Lady of China Catholic church”).

We also saw inside the observatory, including a replica of a Han dynasty earthquake monitoring device, with dragon heads each holding a steel ball – when an earthquake occurred, a pendulum would swing, knocking a dragon causing its mouth to open and a ball to drop out thereby indicating the direction of the earthquake.… Read more...