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On the train half way to Shenzhen, Bona told me that I was heading into a typhoon!

This was quite unnerving for someone who has never experienced one before.  I was told they happen regularly though.  And it was only a “yellow warning” and no one on the train seemed particularly bothered, so I tried not to think too much more about it.… Read more...

Leaving Xiamen

I’m off to Shenzhen today – my last train journey.  It will be just under four hours.  Packed again.  I was hoping my luggage would be lighter by now ready for the flights to Haikou and Beijing, because I’ve given away all but one of the presents I brought and the other things I was given for certain people… But I wasn’t expecting to receive so many gifts (some of which are quite heavy). … Read more...

Pool and Church

After lunch, Chen, Albert and I went to play pool for a couple of hours.
(Chinese rules!  Haha!)

Then we went for a short walk in a nearby park before going to a church service.  My third church in China and third different kind.  More formal than the previous two, but I loved being there even though I could only understand the odd word and pray the Lord would speak to me through the various passages that they were looking at.  … Read more...