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In the evening, after Leah had taken Mia home, Emily treated me to a sumptuous steak :)

One thing that really struck home to me while speaking with Emily was the timing of this trip.  The Lord’s timing is indeed perfect!  It was the third time I had applied for voluntary redundancy before the company agreed to let me go. … Read more...


Had a lovely day in the countryside of Hangzhou near West Lake with my beautiful friends Leah and Emily.  Tea plantation, quaint old village, bamboo forest.  Thank you Emily for driving us.  好想你呀

This morning, Leah brought Mia to my hotel and Emily picked us up to “go to play”.  We travelled to an area south of 西湖 (West lake) to see a quaint old village where they have tea plantations, and to a bamboo forest!… Read more...