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I was greeted in Beijing by lovely smiling Emma.  Her husband couldn’t join us, as he had to work, but Emma had arranged for a friend of hers, another Lulu (Lu), to join us for Peking duck – because I had told her I liked it.

Emma had booked this incredible traditional restaurant where there was also some amazing entertainment, including this guy:

It’s difficult to explain without watching the video. … Read more...

Peking Duck

Returning from the Great Wall, Angela and Leo took me for my first experience of Peking (Beijing) Duck, which was great!

Although I liked the duck, what I didn’t tell Angela or Leo was that I was still hungry afterwards.  It seems there is not much meat on a duck.  So after I got back to the hotel, I checked the map and carried on walking to go to get my first MacDonald’s in China. … Read more...