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In the evening, after Leah had taken Mia home, Emily treated me to a sumptuous steak :)

One thing that really struck home to me while speaking with Emily was the timing of this trip.  The Lord’s timing is indeed perfect!  It was the third time I had applied for voluntary redundancy before the company agreed to let me go. … Read more...


Today Carrie took me to Sheshan hill in the West of Shanghai.

We saw several pagoda type buildings (I am sorry to say I have forgotten the names) and the large church on the top of the hill (“Our Lady of China Catholic church”).

We also saw inside the observatory, including a replica of a Han dynasty earthquake monitoring device, with dragon heads each holding a steel ball – when an earthquake occurred, a pendulum would swing, knocking a dragon causing its mouth to open and a ball to drop out thereby indicating the direction of the earthquake.… Read more...


Elaine was waiting for me at Shanghai Hongqiao railway station.  It was so good to see her again.  She accompanied me to my hotel, where I was able to ask in Chinese what time breakfast would be, and she seemed impressed that I understood the answer!

She found a place that served 牛排 near Nanjing Road for our evening meal, and then we walked along Nanjing Road East to the Bund to take in the stunning night views. … Read more...

First Night

On the Thursday evening after arriving, Sharon (with J) picked me up and we went for a meal at an American style restaurant.  (She knows me well).  It was a blessing to be eased into the country in this way.

Angela, Yohee and Peng joined us.  Yohee kindly leant me a phone, with a pay-as-you-go SIM card, which I am using as a wi-fi hotspot for my phone as I am more used to it. … Read more...